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Outdoor Kitchen Design

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Outdoor kitchens have quickly become a popular luxury item among Arlington residents. They can take many different shapes and forms and price points, which may interest you as a homeowner.

The first logical step is deciding and prioritizing which features you want in your outdoor kitchen. You could be someone who wants a nice grill and some counter space. In contrast, you may desire a sink, refrigerator, raised bar, side burner, etc. Whatever your outdoor kitchen requirements are, Arlington, TX, Landscape Design is there to assist you.

Design & Materials

Generally, it’s a good idea to go to a local vendor with your partner to look at some current kitchen configurations and appliances to ensure that you want all the options considered. 

There are numerous countertop options available. You can choose from marble, sandstone, concrete, wood, and other materials. The best and most popular option is to use granite. 

In terms of color and density, granite generally provides the most diverse options. 

After deciding on the countertop type, thickness, and components, we’ll want to see what kind of façade is installed. 

Do you want natural stone, brick, SRW concrete block, or stucco? That is usually determined by the existing façade of your home and how we can complement it. Stone and brick are the most popular choices, but stucco is frequently a good option because it can reduce labor costs.

Realizing Your Arlington Outdoor Kitchen

We will finalize the cost for you and hopefully execute an agreement once you have chosen all of your options and materials. The most important thing to understand as a homeowner is a systematic installation process.

From this point forward, the most important thing for a homeowner to understand is that we follow a systematic installation process, which often results in a longer installation process than something more fundamental, such as a patio. 

The first step will be to obtain permits for specialized trades such as gas, water, and electricity. The gas, water, and electric lines will then need to be installed in the ground from each energy source to the future location of the outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen body will then need to be installed by us. A kitchen body can be built in a variety of ways. It is our responsibility to develop a construction method.

Once this framework is in place, we can add the components to ensure that everything works together seamlessly.

After inspecting the construction, we will ensure that the location relationship of all components meets your needs, that it can be appropriately connected with the utility lines, and that you have the amount of counter space required.

The final step is to schedule a visit from the countertop fabricator to measure the final post-construction dimensions and cutouts for all of your components so that we can ensure the countertop is built to the exact size you require, including the desired overhang. 

The countertop fabricator will come to install the countertop once it has been fabricated. Typically, this is a one-day installation. You can now use your outdoor kitchen!

Once your outdoor kitchen is operational, we have a local relationship with an appliance sales company and a chef who will come and show you how to care for all of your components correctly. 

Contact Arlington, TX Landscape Design today if you want to install an outdoor kitchen in your Arlington home.

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